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John Harricharan, MBA

I am a very busy person and
have looked at thousands of websites (if not hundreds of thousands),
have subscribed to hundreds of newsletters (if not thousands), and have
bought every course that’s available (well, at least it seems like it)
on Internet marketing. Here’s the point: Your material has the stamp
of integrity and practicality. This is rare –not only on the web but
everywhere. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing your thoughts
with us.

Your writing is very clear and has touches of humor. This is
magnificent, Dale. I am an author¹ and have read and written lots.
Yours is definitely in the top one percent.

¹ Best Book of the Year award,
American Bookdealers Exchange

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My name is Dale Reardon and although I no longer make a career of it, I am a lawyer who graduated at the head of my class, receiving a University Medal at the University of Tasmania in 1992. To read my story go here here.

After much research and learning from the school of hard knocks, I have been able to boil my online education down to a single bit of sage advice that you need to take to heart:

The One and Only Internet Marketing Commandment–

“Never Follow Any Internet Guru Blindly Thou Shalt Think For Thyself”

Unfortunately there is a lot of bad and confusing advice out there. There are even a lot of famous, so-called gurus out there who are giving bad or out-dated information to honest individuals who are just wanting to get started in an ethical business they can run from home in their spare time.

Face the facts–there are gurus out there whose only intent is to make money from those poor suckers. They have never actually made money any other way than telling other people how to make money. Many of them will try to sell you an over-priced website on a year’s contract to sell their shoddy products. My advice is: Run the other way.

Other Internet experts are much more ethical–they believe in what they are doing. They actually have had a successful business and made honest money on the Internet. However, they don’t recognize the limitations of what they teach. They believe the Internet is set in stone. The truth is–marketing techniques that worked yesterday may not work today. My advice is: Learn what you can from them, but think for yourself.

I would like to save you some of those struggles and hard-knocks that I’ve experienced – Strategic Marketing on Steroids Newsletter will save you time and money and heartache..

“I would like you to know that you may not know that you have helped me more than you will ever
know ” –George Frantzis

“That particular email newsletter was very educational, and yes you are right, I am one of those guilty of a “serious lack of understanding basic marketing knowledge and principles.” I am appreciative unto thee for “lighting up” mymarketing pathway, and thus says the once blindman, ‘I SEE’ ‘I SEE !’ ” –Miini K. Terekia

“Thank you for your reply to my messages and for your tips on why even most of the best sales scripts don’t get a sale. Your words and the wisdom on these issues cannot be expressed in a better way as to the conclusion.” –Tim Sudbrink, DirectNet Invest, Orange, CA

Problem: Most Gurus Don’t Teach You Basic Business and Marketing Principles

One of the problems I see is that most gurus will give you maybe at most a single manual or audio set and tell you that you have everything you need to be a success. However, there is a lot of information left out that you desperately need. Most people starting on the Internet have a serious lack of understanding of basic marketing knowledge and principles.

It is a mistake to assume that all the basic business knowledge about running a bricks-and-mortar business doesn’t apply when you use the Internet. Therefore, you must have a source to learn that information otherwise you will be at a big disadvantage.

Problem: Most Gurus Don’t Give You A Complete Education

Think about this: When you were in school, did you only learn from one teacher and one book?

It’s exactly the same way with an Internet business and marketing education. You need a way to cover all aspects of Internet marketing. Many gurus have their favorite techniques and only concentrate on those few methods. The wider your base of knowledge the better your chances of long term success.

You also need a way to keep informed on all the trends Things are constantly changing on the Internet. The principles always remain the same but how those principles are applied constantly change.

Every day, there are hundreds of savvy marketers out there trying to come up with the next new traffic-generating web-site crowding Internet strategy. You need a way to stay up-to-date on all advances that take place.

Problem: Procrastination and Just One More Product Syndrome

There’s always one more product you need to buy the one extra key to your success. You must have it or you won’t amount to anything. They play at your emotions, until you are afraid not to buy.

You end up buying one Get Rich Quick on the Internet package after another, soon spending thousands of dollars with absolutely no return on investment.

Unfortunately, most people then just procrastinate from actually doing anything, waiting for the final piece of information. My advice is: Get started today. Take the first step, no matter how small to get yourself on the road to Internet success.

A Success Story From My Internet Marketing Coaching:

” All the information has been directly relevant to me and my business, which is great. I want to read and learn how to make money quickly on the Internet. All the materials provided have given me direct and extremely relevant advice, advice for my business – not someone else’s. The great thing about the materials is they are from reputable sources, sources that actually back up what they are preaching with real life examples the advice you have been giving is rock solid and proven. I am very very successful having followed the advice you have given me, and I’d encourage others to take up a subscription – so long as you follow the advice – you WILL make money – there’s no way you can’t increase your sales if follow the instructions.”

–Matthew Wren, Hantrex PTY LTD,

A Note from a Cynic

ALL the techniques you describe are good and, yes, you did get me to trust you This is not an idle compliment – I am quite a cynical and savvy internet user

Duncan Murray, Australian Developed Software,

The Big Question For You

The big question now is are you going to take the first step and subscribe for FREE to Strategic Marketing on Steroids newsletter. All you have to do is trust me with your email address and I will start sending you internet marketing advice with integrity.

Fill out the form now and start your learning, and profitable journey now.

Dale Reardon.

P.S. If I can use the Internet and market successfully in spite of my lack of sight, what do you think you can accomplish with all the education, tools, personal guidance, and products available to you? I will guide you on your learning journey.

P.P.S. Here’s what others have to say about me, so that you know you can trust me with your details:

“Dale, I really got lucky when I chose you as a web host. It will be six years in March. Most of my friends have been through a few hosts. I listen to my friends complain about their hosts, and feel really lucky. When I was first starting my online businesses, you answered my frequent questions with good solid information I could use. When I first decided to host my sites with Localhost, price was a big reason. The price is not the reason I stay with you. (Of course the fact that you are competitive helps!) I stay with you because the service and reliability. I think of you as a friend. You have been there for me for over five years. You have been my secret resource.” –Terry Gibbs, and

“As a full-time webmaster, I know the value of reliability and good customer service. NOT hosting *just one* of our web sites with LocalHost over the past 6 months has cost us several thousand dollars *minimum* in lost sales due to unexpected downtime with ‘another hosting company’. It’s not a coincidence that most other hosting companies don’t publish their ‘downtime’ stats – they don’t do it because it’d make them look bad! Trying to save a few dollars a month with a second-rate hosting company is bad business – Website Hosting is one service where you *don’t* want to try and cut corners.” –Tim Gross, webmaster

P.P.P.S. You have got nothing to lose – all you are giving me at this stage is your email address and I will then work hard to provide you with information and advice to earn your trust. You can unsubscribe at any time if you aren’t happy and we will have no hard feelings. All my privacy details and contact details are below.

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