Bad customer service attitude at the New Sydney Hotel in Hobart Tasmania

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I recently published a blog post about Gilby’s Restaurant in Lindisfarne and their bad customer service attitude on social media.

Unfortunately the New Sydney Hotel in Hobart has also handled a situation badly. The full details can be found here.

The lesson to be learnt is that you must regularly monitor your social media presence, and deal with complaints in a respectful and professional manner. Of course the New Sydney Hotel could have handled the initial incident at the Hotel better.

I personally haven’t eaten at the New Sydney for quite some time as the last time I ate there I wasn’t impressed – this customer service incident just makes it worse.

And social media is for interaction – it seems that these businesses didn’t really want feedback or discussion on their Facebook pages. Your Facebook page can’t just be an ad page after all.


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About Dale Reardon

Dale Reardon is a blind PhD student living in Hobart Tasmania, Australia. He is undertaking his PhD in discrimination law focusing on enforcement of discrimination laws and the adequacy of remedies provided.
Apart from studying for his PhD in discrimination law he helps people moving to Tasmania. If you have queries regarding relocating to Tasmania then please get in touch.

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