Dale Reardon’s Submission on the National Disabillity Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Bill

The NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) is a great step forward for the disabled in Australia and it will hopefully dramatically improve the lives of the profoundly disabled. The legislation does need some changes and that is why the Senate is holding an enquiry.veroxybd.com

I made a submission to the Senate Enquiry into the Draft National Disability Insurance Scheme Bill. The PDF of my submission can be directly downloaded here and the list of all the submissions can be found here.

My submission dealt with 4 main issues:
1. The raising of the eligibility age;
2. Greater representation of the disabled on the NDIS Board and Advisory Council;
3. The need to ensure that blindness and vision impairment is covered by the NDIS;
4. Improvement of the decision making and appeal processes.

Many of the issues that concerned me had already been dealt with adequately by others so hopefully the legislation will be improved and form the foundation of a great new scheme.


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