Facebook Voting is Inaccessible on The Voice Australia TV Show

Just a quick update in this post as the matter is still under way.ceoec.ru

The Voice Australia is a very popular TV Show on Channel 9. They even have a vision impaired singer participating who has RP.download film How to Be Single now

After the first live show, they announced that you could vote on Facebook as a free voting option so I was impressed. I eagerly visited the Facebook page of the Show but was seriously disappointed.

Firstly the link to the voting application was not correctly labelled which meant I had no idea of where to go to vote. Coincidentally many sighted people were also confused by the page layout and also had trouble finding where to go.

I got sighted assistance with that and proceeded to install the voting application.

Then when I tried to use the Voice AU voting application on Facebook I found out it was completely inaccessible to blind and vision impaired people. There is simply no way, using a screen reader, that you can choose who to vote for, submit the vote or anything else.

Simply put I believe this is discrimination as they have not created an accessible to all voting system.

I have lodged a discrimination complaint with the Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) and will keep you informed of the progress and outcome.

Hopefully we can all benefit and get this Facebook application in particular made accessible.


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  1. Hi,

    By way of update I have now reached a conciliated settlement in this matter. There is no secrecy clause as part of the settlement. The main terms agreed upon are:

    Agreement that Mr Reardon can email Shine Australia to vote in the current “The Voice” competition at a rate of 1 vote per day at no cost to Mr Reardon.

    A commitment by Shine that the voting application will be fixed for next season;

    A commitment by Shine that future contracts will specify that the provision of goods and services must be provided in compliance with the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (Cth).

    I look forward to the Facebook voting being accessible in the second series. It is good also that they are going to ensure all other contracts will require accessibility.


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