Please Sign A Petition to Increase Employment Of The Disabled

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The petition can be found at this link. The details are as follows and I encourage you to promote the employment of disabled persons.

People with Disability Australia has just launched a petition on calling on Federal, State and Local Government, business and the third sector to create 20,000 jobs a year for Australians with disability.

Australians with disability are skilled, productive, loyal, hard-working Australians who deserve a fair go like the rest of Australia.

As the debate on Myer has highlighted, lack of jobs for people with disability in Australia is a national tragedy of poverty and wasted talent brought about by a lack of will and ignorance about the skills and talents of people with disability.

The Facts
• Employees with disability perform as productively as employees without disability and stay with their employer for longer (Australian Employers’ Network on Disability, 2008).
• 45% of people with disability in Australia live near or below the poverty line making us the second worst country in the developed world.
• Australia, the country that weathered the global financial crisis better than any other developed nation ranks 21st out of 29 developed countries for employment of people with disability (PriceWaterhouseCoopers, 2011).
• Countries such as Mexico and the Slovak Republic are outdoing us.
• Over the last 17 years, employment of people with disability in the public sector has more than halved.
• Only 50% of people with disability are in the Australian labour market. In the general population the figure is 78%.

Deloitte Access Economics reported that Australia would increase its GDP by $43 billion if employment rates for people with disability were increased by one third and a 10% increase in the labour market would equate to an increase of between 191,000 and 203,000 jobs for people with disability. The goal of 20,000 jobs a year for Australians with disability is an achievable goal and would provide employment for 200,000 people with disability by 2023.

Show your support for a growing disability movement in Australia. We will not be silenced!

Our numbers can ensure disability retains the profile and presence we deserve. Join the movement for change by becoming part of People with Disability Australia.

I am a member of PWD and encourage you to join the organisation too.


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About Dale Reardon

Dale Reardon is a blind PhD student living in Hobart Tasmania, Australia. He is undertaking his PhD in discrimination law focusing on enforcement of discrimination laws and the adequacy of remedies provided.
Apart from studying for his PhD in discrimination law he helps people moving to Tasmania. If you have queries regarding relocating to Tasmania then please get in touch.

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